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On the dedicated day of "Blanket of Stars: A Tribute to Resilience," 100 Residential School Warriors will gather on Manitoulin Island for a profound and symbolic procession. They will traverse the iconic swing bridge, a meaningful act that represents their long journey and serves as a welcoming home. This bridge, which physically connects communities, will metaphorically represent the bridging of past and present, acknowledging the long road these survivors have travelled.

This poignant procession will be a public tribute to the resilience of these remarkable men and women. As they walk, the Warriors will be enveloped not only by the physical landscape of Manitoulin Island but also by the collective embrace of the communities and attendees present to honour their strength and survival.

The day is exclusively set aside to celebrate and reflect upon the unyielding spirit of these survivors. It will be a moment to stand in solidarity with them, to learn from their experiences, and to commit to the ongoing process of reconciliation. This event will provide a space for healing, recognition, and respect, paying homage to the resilience of these brave individuals who have endured and continue to inspire.

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